About Us

Every great brand begins with a personal story, and we hope one day, Bone-ito’s brand will be defined by its service and commitment to you, as pet parents that turn to their pets when needed the most.

Love Unconditionally is our core purpose after witnessing the magic of healing, strength, and resilience that the pets staying with our partnering non-profit, Noah’s Animal House, provide their moms and children after fleeing an abusive relationship.   Noah’s is named after our son and was the first full-service pet facility built on the campus of a domestic violence shelter in the country when we opened in Las Vegas in 2007.  Noah’s Reno opened in 2019 and shelters pets of clients at Domestic Violence Resource Center, Step2, Awaken, Eddy House and NV Urban Indians.   

It has always been my personal dream to find a way to bring more awareness, support and even funding to Noah’s through a pet retail business.  Because even those in healthy relationships feel the unconditional love of their pets every day – as many more learned through the recent global pandemic.  

Thank you for making my personal dream come true by shopping with us.

During our first year in 2022, Bone-ito was able to fund all veterinary expenses for the pets under the care of Noah's Reno because pet owners, like you, chose to shop with us.  As you can imagine, pets arrive at Noah's often needing medical assistance, updated vaccinations and specialty care.